I have been working in art related professions for many years but it is the love of ceramics which has captured my heart and has allowed me pull together all my creative skills.


Drawing inspiration from my love of ravens, magpies, an interest in mythology and a passion for things that are a little on the dark side, I have created a collection of bottles with a twist.

Adding to this inspiration I am now also starting to pull together ideas collected from two winter trips to Iceland. Both subjects work well with my limited colour pallette.


My pieces are mostly created in porcelain or parian clay and provide a wonderful canvas for my my own illustrations of bugs and poisonous plants or the newly emerging text , patterns and maps of Iceland.

Some vessels may become more sculptural, with hand sculpted porcelain birds, animals flora and forna and  now some geological features.


Most of my work has been very simply glazed or decorated however the Icelandic influences are leading me to experiment with more textural finishes to the work.


It's a journey in ceramics that seems just keeps on giving.